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Numbers Can Be Misleading

It can’t be denied when it is about mesothelioma, the number isn’t very good. As it is a very aggressive cancer, the prognosis is quite poor with average life expectancy 1- 2 years after diagnosis. For the average mesothelioma survival rates, only 9% of patients survive five years after diagnosis. But don’t forget, numbers are not everything. There are many factors determining the mesothelioma prognosis such as the stage of cancer when diagnoses and other factors. As in mesothelioma survival rates, it represents wide array of patients while each patient has different condition one another thus affecting the survivability. There are many patients who lived beyond the survival rates and even some of them can get the condition managed to maintain good quality of life. Mesothelioma patients shouldn’t focus on how bad the survival rate but more on how to improve it.