Astaga!! Dilihat sekilas kayak guling, setelah dilihat lebih dekat tak taunya makhluk ini. . .

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 Radiation Therapy

High energy rays from radioactive sources can damage cells DNA. Targeted radiation can be effective to kill cancel cells on certain area and shrinking the tumor size to make it easier to remove using surgical method.

Other Treatment Options

Besides the standard treatment for mesothelioma above, there are other options to treat mesothelioma. Multimodal treatment is a widely popular option these days as this treatment combining all three of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in one course of treatment. Immunotherapy treatment is also widely administered to mesothelioma patients to enhance immune system’s response. Beyond the western medical system, there are also options of alternative therapy to treats the effects of mesothelioma to body and mind. When mesothelioma stage is too advanced for curative treatment, the focus of treatment should palliative care to keep patient comfortable and able to have better quality of life.